Meet the Fearlessly You Team!

Be Fearlessly You!

You are already fearless.

You’re badass, beautiful, and about to surprise yourself in front of my camera. That’s a promise. You may think the only thing you’ll bring into this studio is a barrel of nerves, but what you’ll really bring is the woman you’ve always wanted to be and already are.

That woman is fierce and powerful, confident and desirable, playful, passionate, and loves to feel adored. Truthfully, she’s one badass chick and is about to show up in a BIG way.

We’re here to draw her out. We are not here to just shoot pretty pictures. We want to capture raw emotion and help you feel. Every time you look back at your photos, you’ll relive the emotions you felt in the moment. That’s the nature of boudoir. It has a unique way of capturing the blazingly emotive and feminine spirit unlike anything else.

You can trust the guidance and expertise of my team to create captivating images and make you feel right at home. This shoot takes courage and we honor that. We’re here to serve and showcase everything that makes you you!

Image by Adrian Rynberg 

About Paige: Your Photographer

My love affair with boudoir and photographing women through such an empowering medium began back in 2012. Magic happened when clients let go, saw themselves through someone else’s eyes, and put their trust in my team.

I couldn’t get enough. I’ve seen first hand how therapeutic boudoir sessions are for every single one of us involved. Each and every shoot proves emotionally empowering. When a woman lets her guard down and allows me to highlight and celebrate her truest, purest, most raw emotions, something deep within her lights up. It’s as if her soul stands up, speaks up, and struts.

Much of my passion for this medium comes through my own story of not feeling amazing about myself and journeying toward a change. I’ve been a full size woman my whole life and was a scaredy cat as a kid - so precise, careful, and calculated. Now, I’m totally different. Why be afraid all the time? I began focusing my photography on plus size curvy women and it was nothing short of healing to see them so empowered. My self love journey changed dramatically with boudoir and I’ve never looked back.

In the face of a society and media that shout countless “shoulds” around how we should look, feel, and act, I’m here to throw you a wink, share a smirk, and shoot your most intimate and fearless truth.

We’re in the business of soul strutting, sister, and your moves are fierce.

About Lo Marie: Your Hair & Makeup Artist

I’ve always loved helping people feel good in their own skin. When the opportunity came up to work alongside my sister, Paige in her boudoir business, I couldn't pass it up.

I love seeing the self confidence in our clients bloom through their time with us in the studio!

About Ashley: Our Studio Mom & Client Concierge

Ashley came to us as a client about 3 years ago. We clicked instantly. Her trust in my process, her positive attitude, willingness to help anyone in need and her uplifting spirit made her an instant fit into our team. She's like the missing puzzle piece. She believed so fiercely in our message at Fearlessly You that she’s come in over and over for creative shoots since. She attends our client getaway trips or special event shoots and helps out in any capacity she can and is a completely invaluable member of our team. You probably recognize her because she makes it in front of the camera about once a month to try new ideas, play with new sets and to just let go for a moment! Over the last few years she has become a major face of Fearlessly You, is our biggest cheerleader and our team would not and could not function so well without her!