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I think Miss A was brought into my studio for a reason bigger than either of us. She came in for her session missing a part of herself. A part of herself that she had lost a long time ago through an abusive relationship. Her self-esteem, her confidence and self-appreciate were missing. When a person lives through an abusive relationship- whether it be physical, emotional or mental- it can wear the person down to the point that they start believing the awful things their partner says about them. I’m so incredibly happy for Miss A in leaving that relationship and working toward finding herself again. I feel honored to be a part of her journey. a-34 amanda-29 amanda-14

“I was so nervous when I first stepped into Paige’s studio because I didn’t see myself as being beautiful or sexy. Once we started my shoot Paige helped me open up little, by little. She has this way about her that makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful!” – Miss A.
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“My session started as a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband, but it turned out to be the best gift, I’ve ever given myself.” – Miss A.

Fabulous Hair & Makeup by Michelle Busch

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