Metro Detroit Boudoir Photographer – Every morning I wake up to my wall art and it reminds me of the strong, sexy woman I am! – Miss Y

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Miss Y came in to see us August 12, 2017. She had the most beautiful reaction to her images at her reveal and I’m so happy she decided to share her experience!
“Words can’t even begin to explain what an amazing experience this has been. After struggling with my “chicky feelings” last week, this couldn’t have happened at a better time. Every woman should be made to feel this sexy and beautiful in their life. This may have been my first but it won’t be my last. Thank you Paige and Michelle!”
– Miss Y
How did you feel leading up to your shoot? Were you scared? Nervous or excited?
I was extremely excited with s hint of nerves
How would you describe your overall boudoir session experience?
Best thing I ever did for myself
List the outfits you brought and where you bought them.
I brought 2 bra and panty sets, a men’s button down shirt and a white lace top with a belt.
Did you enjoy your experience with hair and makeup? Did you work with Michelle or with Lauren? Did they help you feel comfortable and amazing before stepping in front of the camera?
I worked with Michelle for make up. I had never had my make up professionally done. Wish I had someone to do it for me everyday! I came in with my hair done because it was cut in a faux hawk and I can be fussy about my hair. For the shoot I’m doing the end of June, I am going to let them style my hair.
How did you feel during your shoot? Did the nerves subside? 
I was definitely nervous in the beginning. But as we moved through the session, the nerves subsided and I got comfortable. Paige is very easy to work with and puts you at ease.
Were you nervous about anything the shoot beforehand? If so, what? Did you become more comfortable after the session started? If so, what helped to relax your nerves?
Prior to my shoot I was nervous about looking “sexy”. How does one do that? I listened to Paige’s directions and it all fell in place. Paige and her team are very calming.
What advice do you have for others getting their boudoir pictures taken?
Be confident in yourself. You are a sexy babe and that will come out during your session.
What was your reason for booking a boudoir shoot?
Myself! It was a last minute decision when Paige had a last minute cancellation. Best thing I ever did.
What advice do you have for other women considering a boudoir shoot?
As women we need to fill out buckets. Just do it. You will never regret it.
What was your favorite part of the session?
Honestly, the reveal! I enjoyed every minute of having the pictures taken, but the reveal… I walked in and the first image I saw brought tears to my eyes. People tell you you are beautiful or sexy, but we never believe it. Seeing those images showed me what other people see.
Why did you choose Paige Rynberg and the Fearlessly You team to capture your beauty?
I was added to the FB group by a friends niece. I love how she empowers women to see themselves the way other people do.
How likely are you to refer us to your friends?
I would absolutely recommend Paige. In fact, I have a friend doing a shoot for her 60th birthday for herself with Paige.
Is there anything else you’d like to add as a testimonial in the blog post?
Thank you Paige! Every morning I wake up to my wall art and it reminds me of the strong, sexy woman I am. Even on days that I really don’t feel that way.

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  1. I am Yvonne’s’ 60 yr old friend! I was nervous when I bought my outfits. But, I saw what this shoot did for her,and thought, why not!
    Your work is beautiful and am looking forward to it!

  2. I believe that your body is your own, it s radiant and glorious and sexy in every way imaginable. That boudoir photography is about acknowledging and honouring the goddess that lives within every woman, even if they don t know it yet.

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