Metro Detroit Boudoir Photographer – I’m done judging myself by standards that others set as “normal.” – Tiffany

Tiffany came in to see us February 18, 2018. Here’s what she had to say after her shoot:

“Holy confidence boost, Batman!! I knew last year that I wanted to do something different and super special for my Hubby for our 5th wedding anniversary. This is an investment, but I will tell you, it’s worth EVERY dime and every minute!! I am a family photographer, and I love taking pictures of others, but I normally am not a fan of my own photos… I’ve always had issues with self esteem. I’ve been up and down the scale my whole life, I had gastric bypass, I had three babies, I had a tummy tuck. I have scars, stretch marks, and still have fat. But, you know what!? For the first time in my life, I LOVE myself!! I’m done judging myself by standards that others set as “normal.” I’m healthy, I’m happy, I have a successful marriage, and I have beautiful children. THAT alone fills my heart with happiness!  It’s just a bonus that I finally see myself as beautiful… thank you to those of my family and friends who have always seen me for what I was… it just took me a little while to catch up! Paige, you are AMAZING at what you do!! Your whole vibe is just chill and comfortable, and you made the entire session a breeze and just plain fun!! I’ve always had the heart of a model, but you actually made it show!! Thank you for everything!!” – Tiffany


How did you feel leading up to your shoot?

I was SUPER excited… Being a photographer myself, I’m always behind the camera. It’s not very often that I have my picture taken, let alone get all dolled up and get to actually have a fun, posed session (it’s usually only quick snap shots or selfies). When I heard about Paige and Fearlessly You, I knew I had to sign up!! I decided to do a shoot for my Husband as a gift for our 5th wedding anniversary. I knew he’d like that idea too!!

How would you describe your overall boudoir session experience?

Excellent A++ Off the charts AMAZING!!

What outfits did you bring? Where did you shop?

I brought an embroidered leather jacket, black cheeky panties, a push-up strappy bra, a red and black high-waisted bralette set, and a cute pair of undies that said “Suns Out Buns Out” all from Torrid.

Did you enjoy your experience with hair and makeup? Did you work with Michelle or with Lauren? Did they help you feel comfortable and amazing before stepping in front of the camera?

Yes… OMG!! I instantly connected with Michelle!! We’re almost the same age, we have children almost the same age, and we just seemed to get along really well!! She was easy to talk to, and her makeup skills were amazing!! I feel like I made a lifelong friend!!

How did you feel during your shoot? Did the nerves subside? 

As soon as I walked in the door, Paige made me feel comfortable. I got to sit on the couch and talk with her while her next client was finishing up hair and makeup. She is just a deep, sweet, passionate, and chill person. I felt like I’ve known her my entire life just after talking with her for a few minutes!! I didn’t really have much nervousness. As soon as I got ready and had my first outfit on, Paige made me feel like a million bucks!! First shot she did she showed me on her camera, and I knew I looked amazing!!

What advice do you have for others getting their boudoir pictures taken?
Take all of the pointers that Paige gives you and follow them to a T. She gives you that information for a reason!! Drink plenty of water the couple of days before, stretch before your session, and be sure to eat a meal!!
What was your reason for booking a boudoir shoot?
I wanted to do something special for my Husband for our anniversary and also give myself a little confidence boost — I need it… I’m a Mom of four, three of which are five and under and one who is a teenager. That’s tough!
What advice do you have for other women considering a boudoir shoot?
DO IT!!! <3 Treat yourself… set it up, and don’t look back!! Paige does payment plans, and you know if you don’t just set it up, you won’t ever.
What was your favorite part of the session?
The entire process was awesome… I can’t possibly pick just one thing!! Getting dolled up, laughing with Paige, posing in fun positions, leaving feeling gorgeous, and then seeing the finished product… it’s ALL my favorite!!
Why did you choose Paige Rynberg and the Fearlessly You team to capture your beauty?
I just liked her “vibe” — I could tell by her work and the posts on her page that she was my gal for this type of session!
How likely are you to refer us to your friends?
100% likely <3
Is there anything else you’d like to add as a testimonial in the blog post?
DO IT FOR YOU, LADIES!!!! <3 It’s worth every single penny!!!!

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