Session Investment

Our boudoir session fee is $500. That fee is broken down into: $350 retainer due to book and $150 due in cash to be paid to Lo Marie the day of your shoot for styling. We include professional hair & makeup styling as well as false lashes with every session! We also include 60 minutes of session time once you’re all dolled up and a watermarked sneak peek photo from your shoot. We can photograph up to 3 outfits during a session. We ask for a non-refundable retainer and an electronically signed session contract to book your session with the balance due at your session. You could also check out our payment plan options if another payment style works best for you. Once your retainer is paid and contract is signed, I’ll send along a lingerie guide to help you choose amazing outfits to flatter your gorgeous self! After your session we’ll schedule your reveal and ordering appointment for 2-4 weeks from your session date. Then you’ll get to decide if you’d like to purchase one of our luxury collections, beautiful albums or digital collections. Your session fee covers your luxury session experience. Our products are sold separately.

We also offer couples boudoir sessions for $550, limited edition shoots throughout the year and we offer erotica sessions to our returning clients.

Payment Plans & Financing

We are happy to offer payment plan options for our services and products! We love that Paypal Credit gives clients the option to pay us up front for their products so that we can get their orders processed ASAP! I suggest checking out out the PayPal line of credit, that way you can order your products up front and make payments to Paypal with 0% interest over 6 months!

Our most popular option is our Pre-Payment Plan! This is where we set up a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan leading up to your shoot based on which Collection you think you’re interested in purchasing. This option means you can take your time paying off your order, and then on your scheduled shoot day, you have all of your expenses already squared away! You can always upgrade later, but getting in on the Pre-Payment plan has big perks! We offer some really great bonuses that are only available if you have your collection paid in full 30 days before your shoot!

We also offer post payment plan options, but you do not get the bonuses offered with the pre-payment plans for this option.. We offer 3 Month Payment Plans for orders under $1000 and 6 Month Payment Plans for orders over $1000. For in-house credit options, products are processed and delivered when payment plan is complete.

Luxury Collections

I Deserve It All


à la carte value: 9400

Hell yeah you do! Let’s get it for you! I Deserve It All is for all of the women who work to give themselves endlessly to others. Sometimes that means we forget to fill our own cups. It’s your time. This moment is about you, and you want to be able to relive it over and over, and we want that for you, too. This collection gives you permission to relish in your own beauty, to basque in your own glory, and flaunt that booty! Imagine waking up each morning to your incredible wall gallery with the constant reminder that you are amazing in every single way. You deserve it all.

    » 12×12 Album
    » (1) 24″x36″ Metal Wall Art » (2) 16″x24″ Metal Wall Art » Full Digital Collection of Images

Bad Ass Mama


à la carte value: 2400

Badass Mama is for every single mama who wants to feel, adore, and celebrate her post baby bod. You’ve got the best/hardest/most inspiring job in the world and you deserve to feel sexy in your own skin.
This collection is your ticket to ride. You were a woman before you were a mother and on the days it’s challenging to remember that, pull this Booty Book out and listen to yourself say, “Hell YEAH, that’s my ass!” You’re gorgeous. Badass Mama will remind you of this truth every time you need it!

    » 8×8 Album
    » 8″x12″ Metal Wall Art

à la carte options


  • 8×8 Album

    20 imagesprinted in a luxurious album.
    Beautiful leather or velvet cover.

  • 10×10 Album

    30 images printed in a luxurious album.
    Beautiful leather or velvet cover.

  • 12×12 Album

    40 images printed in a luxurious album.
    Beautiful leather or velvet cover.

Metal Wall Art

  • 8″x12″ : 600

    16″x24″ : 900

    20″x30″ : 1500

  • 24″x36″ : 1800

    40″x60″ : 2000

Digital Collections

  • 10 images

  • 15 images

  • 25 images

  • Full Collection (35+)