Metro Detroit Boudoir Photographer – “It was simply the best thing I ever did for myself.” – Renee

This is Renee’s 3rd shoot with us in under a year and she’s already planning her 4th!

“Ok I’ve been in front of Paige’ s camera 2 times before today. I had my usual jitters, I think just the “I hope I don’t mess up” or the “I don’t want to make a weird face” jitters. Today was by far my favorite shoot. Getting to be in front of the camera in the studio, being told that Im stunning, hearing every click of the camera knowing I was killing it, had me feeling some kind of way. My body has always been something I have struggled with since I hit puberty. Gaining and losing weight back and forth. However, every time I get in front of the camera with Paige I feel amazing, curves, chub and all. Seriously, this session was the most empowered I felt. If you have been second guessing yourself about booking, or thinking you can’t do it because of the money or because you don’t think your body will photograph well, then stop. You (yes you reading this right now) deserve to feel this way. Thanks so much Paige and Lauren for another amazing day!!!!” – Renee

How did you feel leading up to your shoot? Were you scared? Nervous or excited?
All the above. I’ve never liked my curves since high school so posing in front of someone half naked was absolutely nerve racking, but Paige made me feel so comfortable that after a couple of poses in, I start to feel myself and then get super excited to see myself in her light.
How would you describe your overall boudoir session experience?
It was uplifting, amazing, and simply the best thing I ever did for myself.
List the outfits you brought and where you bought them.
I LOVE how body suits look on me. I got most of them from Yandy, Hips & Curves, and Torrid.
Did you enjoy your experience with hair and makeup? Did you work with Michelle or with Lauren? Did they help you feel comfortable and amazing before stepping in front of the camera?
Lauren has been my makeup and hair artist every time so far and I have loved every bit of it. She made me feel so comfortable, and since Lauren and Paige are sisters, we had a lot of laughs! When Lauren was done doing her magic and I saw myself, I felt amazing and camera.ready!
How did you feel during your shoot? Did the nerves subside? 
At first I was nervous, honestly. But after Paige starts working with you and getting you into the positions that look sexy, nerves subside. By the end of the shoot I was ready to book another one because of how much confidence I have in myself!
Were you nervous about the shoot beforehand?  Did you become more comfortable after the session started? If so, what helped to relax your nerves?
I was nervous about how the photos would turn out, if I was going to be able to get into the poses and feel confident that the photos would look as good as everyone else. Paige allows you to get a sneak peek of the shoot while she’s shooting you and when you see what she is seeing behind the camera it puts you at ease and allows you to get more comfortable and relax.
What advice do you have for others getting their boudoir pictures taken?
I’ve had a couple of people go in and I have told them this each time. Go in without expectations, trust Paige, and enjoy yourself. This in my opinion will give you the best experience.
What was your reason for booking a boudoir shoot?
Since I’ve done 3 now.and have another booked, each was for different reasons. But ultimately I wanted to feel confident again in the body I current have. I got in a slump and every time I stood in front of the mirror I would pick at myself “my stomach is too big, I wish my thighs were smaller, cellulite all over my butt and thighs”. I was ready to love my body and stop shaming myself. Now when I look at my body I see the memories, the transformations, and my perfect curves in all the right places.
What advice do you have for other women considering a boudoir shoot?
Do it. You seriously will not regret it.
What was your favorite part of the session?
The whole experience. My ultimate favorite part is the feeling of confidence and loving myself all over again.
Why did you choose Paige Rynberg and the Fearlessly You team to capture your beauty?
When I joined her page, I just loved her message. Every womans body is different, we all have curves in different places, but that is what makes us each beautiful in our own way. That and her work is stunning, also when you read the posts and see how other women are feeling afterwards, it makes you want to do it.
How likely are you to refer us to your friends?
Extremely, I’ve had 3 girls who i know already book shoots.
Is there anything else you’d like to add as a testimonial in the blog post?
Feeling like a sexy, bad ass, beautiful woman is how Paige makes you feel when you walk away from the shoot, but seeing her art and seeing yourself in her viewpoint is seriously what keeps me coming back for more.

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