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Last year, a group of photographers and friends took a trip to Puerto Vallarta for a little fun in the sun and to play around creatively. This trip is part of what inspired Stephanie and myself to host the Fearless Girlfriends Getaway in 2019 (Puerto Vallarta) and 2020 (Tulum). We wanted to create an experience for women that involved creating new friendships and creating beautiful images together that we couldn’t capture at home. This is going to be a short, but sweet post featuring some of my favorites from this trip.

Miss A and I became friends after she came in for a shoot a few years ago. We’ve been a little obsessed with each other since! She’s never afraid to step out of the “pretty” box and push into the harder, deeper feels when needed and sometimes, as a photographer- I need that too.

This particular shoot we started her out in sparkly fishnets in this little architectural window/cove/thingy in the Airbnb we had rented. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the house and knew we would need to use it! Mind you, for these shots we were up on the second story. Miss A was in the window, I was across from her shooting through a screened window from the outdoor balcony. We had a safety spotter within hands reach of her at all times and movements had to be done slowly and carefully for obvious reasons. After our safety person got through their own fear of heights and mini panic moment, we created some really magical images.

I had picked up these amazing velvet bell bottoms a few months before the trip and threw them in the bag last minute as an outfit option for shooting. Neither she, nor the bell bottoms disappointed. We styled her with another friend’s round rose glasses and a fringe wrap I had in my suitcase. I love the retro vibe!

At the end of the shoot we stripped it all away. Rinsed out the hair, rinsed the makeup and got a little cathartic in our feels. Words won’t do these photos justice. So I’ll just leave it at that.

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